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Likely You've Found This Page Because...
  • You want to learn how to bulk post on Craigslist. You want to learn the secrets of Craigslist Autoposting- how to place the same ad throughout the major cities like the top advertisers do they use Craigslist Autoposting Software for Free Advertisement, allowing you to pull in massive free traffic and revenue to your website. Download Craigslist Autoposter.
  • You're looking for Craigslist autoposting software that will enable you to post faster (I am sorry, but this IS NOT craigslist autoposter software, its a down-and-dirty detailed ebook that includes a piece of hotkey software mimicing Craigslist Autoposter! -- read on to learn more! Want software instead? I promise you, this craigslist autoposter is something you need. You'll need this book to make your craigslist autoposter work.)
  • You want to know how to create killer, compelling Craigslist postings that pull in traffic that leads to sales. Using a craigslist autoposter will automate this.
  • You want to know to repost your Craigslist ads so they will show at the top of the list to gain maximum exposure and with craigslist advertising attention.
  • You want to know why your multiple Craigslist ads are disappearing, are being blocked and/or "Ghosted" (Not showing up at all).
  • You want to know how to completely cash-in on the power of Craigslist Advertising to its fullest degree.
  • You already own a Craigslist Auto Poster and you feel special.. but its not working well at all! You want to learn how Craigslist really works - why your ads keep disappearing, getting blocked, etc. (In other words, you need a "Craigslist Bible".)
NOTE: This product is NOT an autoposting program or software. It is an ebook with a "semi-automatic" macro program - this means it will allow you bulk post like the big boys without the investment hundreds of dollars. Basically just like a Craigslist Autoposter.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

  • Can you really earn a full time income just by using Craigslist? The site itself gets a massive 40 BILLION pageviews each and every month. I'm sure your product won't apply to all of the visitors, but don't you think at least a few are bound to be interested?

  • The keys to earning a profit on Craigslist. It's one thing to see money coming in...but making sure that you aren't losing money is extremely important. So how does Craigslist make it easier, and what can you do to make sure it happens?

  • What different ways can you use Craigslist to your advantage to make money? The key here is that there is room for just about anything...whether you sell a tangible product, an ebook or offer some sort of service. We'll go over the different ways available to help you decide what best fits into your business plan.

  • How do you post an ad on Craigslist...and some tips to make your ad a little more effective than the next guy's. There are some key elements that you must include in your ad to ensure you get the most views possible to it. Can you guess what the biggest element is?

  • And a lot more!

    Ok I just finished reading the ebook / video and I have to say it's definitely informative. I remember trying to advertise something on Craigslist about a year ago and never had any success with it due to people flagging posts. It was also very tedious to post the same ads every day manually so the ad exposure was very limited. The methods outlined on this ebook show you how to bypass the strict dupe filters, post ads to all the cities on Craigslist simulataneously, and tips on how to avoid being flagged by fellow CL users.

    -Thinkboxweb @ Digital Point Forums (

    I just got this and seriously it was well put together. It mentioned a way I used to use and then showed me some cool ideas, if you are aggressive you can make money for sure. This is one of the best ebooks on dp that I have ever seen! Everyone should grab one We might be all competing But hell that could be fun right?

    -SundayBrew @ Digital Point Forums (

    I just finished reading and watched the movie, its simply wonderful, no blah, blah things, straight into the point. Involves good tips and techniques, though already I am using craigslist, I found few useful Craigslist Autoposter that can post ads quickly...Highly recommended... I think its more than worth with the price..

    -NetJobs @ Digital Point Forums (

    I got the package and I have to say that this package is completely rich in detail. A CL newbie like me can understand how CL works by watching the video. But utilizing this Craigslist Autoposter is a breeze. This ebook really takes me by hand and lead me through each step and answers some questions I have in mind in the next paragraphs and sections. This is one of the best CL ebooks/guide that I have seen. This is not some crappy ebook who will just tell you the do's and dont's. Even if it's priced $30 it is still reasonably priced...

    -Cherry_YuYa @ DigitalPoint Forums (

    First I want to say thank you for the bonuses included with your upgrade. Secondly I want to thank you for the upgrade to Craigslist're really taking your subject seriously and passing on critical relevant informationl!

    It's amazing how fast things change on the interent and I'm really glad to see an upgrade to powerposting.

    Your book covers a full spectrum of Craigslist information. It's good for someone just entering Craigslist. You give a good introduction and cover the basics of what Craigslist is while encouraging the user to explore....explaining how to do that. However....those that will gain most is anyone using Craigslist now wishing to understand how to gain an unfair advantage over others with powerposting.

    When it comes the actual PowerPosting part I really like the fact that you explain the reasoning behind it. I know that Craigslist is constantly evolving making sure the spammers are kept're not encouraging or teaching spamming but how to get the most out of Craigslist.

    As in any ebook or course...I look to pick up just one idea to increase my income or work a new strategy. I would recommend craigslist it to anyone who's interested in Craigslist.....even if you think you're a Craigslist expert :) and particularly if you're interested in getting a handle on Craigslist to use it to expand your marketing strategies.

    The fact that you've included a blog and email address will really help when trying to make this work and running into any snags.

    Thanks again for a great package!


    Just read through the ebook and I must that I was impressed with the amount of detail and explanation. It's a nice introduction to newbies and a very good refresher course and "pick me up" to more advanced CL marketers. Either way you'll learn some very good methods with this ebook.

    The bonuses are cool as well.

    Overall it's money WELL invested. Pick it up and TAKE ACTION, and you won't regret it. There's no silver bullet burried in it. But if you want to know how to get your ads to go live and STAY live and if you are willing to follow some GOOD advice, then this is a no brainer.


    I have been marketing for years on craigslist... and from what I have read with both of Mark's books is that he knows his stuff!

    If you want to seriously use craigslist as a marketing tool while keeping your posts alive... then this is a no-brainer.

    Hey... just getting a few ads to stick will pay you back for this product 10 times over. This Craigslist Autoposter rocks.

    With it getting harder everyday for someone marketing on craigslist... every little way, or trick :-) helps!

    Good job Mark... keep up the hard work so you can give us the shortcuts... thanks for the update!


    What This Product Will Most Likely Not Do:
    • Make you instantly rich, overnight, with very little work and no efforts.

    • Allow you to bulk post 1000 Craigslist ads in a day (well it might, but that would take forever).

    • Replace all of your other marketing efforts. Instead, Craigslist Marketing should be a process you incorporate into your "marketing mix".


    100% "Keep It or Drop It" 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

    If you're not totally thrilled with “Craigslist Exposed” for whatever reason at all, simply send me an email and I'll cheerfully refund 100% your money with the click of a button. This Craigslist Autoposter is up for grabs now.

    You've got a full 90 days to try out the material. This is a no questions asked, no fuss money-back guarantee I like to adopt.

      Is that fair or what?

    Look at it this way - $17 really is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time you could spend testing all these techniques on your own...or buying other manuals that only give you half of the information you need.

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    P.S. It's not easy to find ANY guide that talks about Craigslist...let alone one that offers up tricks that are so simple, yet effective. I doubt you'll be able to find anything close at any price...and definately not at next to nothing like this one. Don't delay, as I reserve the right to raise the price, or altogether remove this guide at anytime!